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Ушла из жизни в возрасте 38 лет, замечательная личность и хороший творческий человек, певица, Юлия началова. Cоболезнования семье: «В эту новость трудно поверить, и еще труднее принять »…

Стив Джобс
Не стало гендиректора компании "Apple" Стива Джобса Стив Джобс

Стив Джобс, со- учредитель Apple и бывший генеральный директор, умер в возрасте 56 лет. Apple опубликовал заявление на своем сайте: Apple потеряло дальновидного и творческого гения, и мир потерял удивительного человека. Те из нас, кому посчастливилось знать и работать со Стивом потеряли дорогого друга и наставника.

Дэн Уэлдон
Дэн Уэлдон - трагическая авария во время гонки Ден Уэлдон

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Deal for Russia to Join W.T.O. Is Accepted by GeorgiansMOSCOW — Georgian negotiators said they had accepted a Swiss compromise that would clear Russia’s path to join the World Trade Organization in December, bringing an end to Moscow’s 18-year application process.

24-10-2011, 12:18 - Из России с ложью


Статья была опубликована на днях в Нью Йорк Таймс, автор ELENA GOROKHOVA


Из России с ложью

15-10-2011, 11:45 - Russia's War With Islam



Russia's War With Islam

On a recent 1,800 km cruise down Russian rivers and lakes to Moscow, visiting churches and historic sights (sponsored by various university alumnae), the most persuasive of several distinguished lecturers on things Russian was Larry Black, a Carleton University professor and founding director of the Centre for Research on Canadians-Russian Relations.


Appealing about Prof. Black was his realization that "experts" on Russia's (and before that, the Soviet Union's) politics and future were often calamitously wrong. Black is cautious, informal, immensely knowledgeable and acutely aware that until something actually happens in Russia, it's best not to make categorical assumptions.

Those with memories might recollect that until the Soviet Union imploded and crashed, "experts" thought it was invulnerable. Before that, on the eve of Khrushchev's ouster in 1964, experts were proclaiming that "his mantle of power was never more secure..."


Russia's War With Islam


In Russia, parliamentary elections are due on Dec. 4, with the presidential election in March. There is even a move in Russia to make it a parliamentary democracy, which may be the future, but not quite now.

The big news in Russia, for those who care, is that Vladimir Putin is again running for president -- a role he's held twice before, until the constitution declared twice was enough. He then switched to prime minister for a term, and is now eligible for two more terms as president, with each term extended to six years.That means Putin is likely to be in the job until 2024.

The present president, Dmitry Medvedev, (who has a more distinguished administrative record than Putin) is likely to be the PM. The pair have a sort of Tweedledum and Tweedledee relationship that works well.


Peter Worthington




13-10-2011, 07:23 - Putin Calls on China

Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Beijing, which began today, may be a pretty contentious one behind closed doors. As they discuss a long-awaited energy deal, which has been stalled over pricing for more ten years and is being negotiated concurrently with the visit, soon-to-be (again) President Putin and outgoing Chinese President Hu Jintao will have the two countries' growing competition for high-tech weapons and influence in Central Asia on their minds. This was illustrated last week by Russia’s accusations that a Chinese spy had attempted to buy plans for its S-300 missile system, and Putin’s announcement of plans to form a Central Asian version of the European Union.


The trip is Putin’s first out of Russia since announcing his arrangements to return to the presidency, and, with Russian and Chinese official media busy lauding ‘ever-deepening China-Russia cooperation that is sure to help build a more balanced world,’ it’s unclear why Russia brought up the spying accusations directly before the visit. Nonetheless, they seem to confirm SIPRI’s recent argument that Russia's trust in China, never great, is eroding over perceptions that China is stealing Russia’s advanced weapons technology.


Despite much talk of the close relationship, the two countries appear to have little to show for it. While the energy agreement, still in talks after a decade, would make Russia China’s dominant energy supplier, it is currently supplying only 8 percent of China’s energy imports. China, for its part, isn’t waiting around, instead expanding its existing pipeline across Central Asia.


Meanwhile, the two countries appear to be on course for serious competition in Central Asia. Putin’s bid to form a customs, and eventually currency union, would make life harder for China in the region. 


Yet China is making a quieter, but perhaps more persuasive, case for its side. Beijing has begun to talk a great deal about the Silk Road, arguing for a historical connection to Central Asia, and the opening of two major Special Economic Zones in China’s Central Asian Xinjiang Province, both backed by a great deal of funding from the central government. Policymakers in Beijing hope it will be seen as a temp ting way into the world’s second-largest economy for neighboring countries.



Putin's Treasure Dive Find Was Staged: Spokesman MOSCOW -- The widely publicized incident in which Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pulled up ancient Greek jug fragments from the seabed on a diving expedition was staged, his chief spokesman said.



Gleaming City Rising From Ruins Can’t Hide Psychic Scars of a WarGROZNY, Russia — A spectacular complex of high-rise towers was inaugurated Wednesday in what once was the war-torn city of Grozny, with banners and flashing lights and celebrity guests including Vanessa-Mae on the violin.

The new Grozny City development is the centerpiece of a transformation that has changed the capital of Chechnya from the charred wreckage that was left after the wars of the 1990s and remained until only a few years ago.


MOSCOW — After high-level meetings in Washington, Russian officials said Tuesday that they were on the brink of a deal that would allow Russia to become a member of the World Trade Organization after 18 years of halting negotiations, though hostility between Georgia and Russia remains a crucial sticking point.



UNITED NATIONS — Months of wrangling at the Security Council over a resolution condemning Syria collapsed on Tuesday after Russia and China vetoed a measure that contained a weak reference to the possibility of sanctions against Damascus.

Nine nations, including the United States and its Western allies, voted for the measure, while Brazil, India, South Africa and Lebanon abstained.

Russia, whose main ally in the Middle East is Syria, had said it would not accept a resolution that included even a hint of sanctions. The wording had been heavily watered down in the hope of averting the veto.

“This does not support a move toward democracy that we have seen in the Arab Spring,” Gerard Araud, the French ambassador, said after the vote, noting that some members of the Council would try again to get a resolution approved.

The resolution was a diplomatic failure for the West in its attempt to pressure the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The American ambassador, Susan E. Rice, gave one of her most bellicose speeches in the Council chamber, accusing opponents of the measure of seeking to continue arms sales to Syria.

“During this season of change, the people of the Middle East can now see clearly which nations have chosen to ignore their calls for democracy and instead prop up desperate, cruel dictators,” she said.

The resolution demanded the immediate end to all violence in Syria and accountability for those deemed responsible for it. It also called for a new political process to be conducted in an environment “free from violence, fear, intimidation and extremism.” It encouraged the opposition to take part.

The resolution condemned “grave and systematic” human rights violations in Syria, listing among other things “arbitrary executions, excessive use of force and the killing and persecution of protesters.” All Syrians should be granted fundamental human rights, including freedom of expression and assembly, as and all political prisoners should be released, it said.

The resolution, which was proposed by four European members of the Security Council — Britain, France, Germany and Portugal — in cooperation with the United States, was diluted in hopes of inducing Russian support.

An explicit threat of sanctions, which supporters contended would give the resolution teeth, was replaced with language that discussed the possibility of considering them.

The first version said the Security Council would review Syria’s compliance with the resolution in 15 days and “adopt targeted measures, including sanctions,” if it had not complied.

The revised version voted on Tuesday extended the deadline to 30 days and stated that the Council would “consider its options,” including unspecified “measures” under the article in the United Nations Charter that is used to enact sanctions.

The United States argued privately that the Europeans had made too many concessions, diplomats said, but in the end it supported the measure. The Russians had proposed wording that equated the violence fomented by both sides, which the Western nations rejected.

Other dilutions included the removal of a demand that Syria allow an investigation team from the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva to enter the country.

Russia and the other so-called BRICS nations — Brazil, India, China and South Africa — objected to the idea of sanctions, arguing that the Security Council’s resolution on Libya had been twisted to encompass a NATO war against the Libyan government and saying they were determined not to repeat that.

But Western diplomats accused those opposed to sanctions of using that argument as a smokescreen to disguise their protection of the Assad government.

In explaining why Russia rejected the resolution, Vitaly Churkin, the nation’s ambassador, said, “This approach is against the peaceful solution of the crisis on the basis of a Syrian national dialogue.” He said Russia opposed sanctions against Syria, or any other form of pressure that might increase violence there, particularly because many Syrians do not support the antigovernment movement.

“What we see is a policy of regime change,” he added, although he also insisted that Russia wanted Mr. Assad to enact promised reforms.

Mr. Churkin and other opponents of the measure said it did not take into account the violence directed by extremists against the government in Syria. Most Western nations dismiss as propaganda the Syrian government’s claim that foreign-backed extremists, rather than a popular uprising, are the source of the violence in the country.

The resolution on Libya approved by the Council in the spring was intended to protect civilians, Mr. Churkin said. But he contended that it was used instead as an excuse to fuel a civil war, with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization bombing civilian targets like television stations and oil facilities. The Chinese ambassador echoed those sentiments.

Ms. Rice, the American envoy, described the United States as “outraged” by the failure of the Council to pass the resolution. She dismissed the comparison to the Council’s resolution on Libya as a “cheap ruse” by countries that want to continue to sell arms to Syria, and she derided the idea that the Syrian government just needed more time to carry out reforms.

“This is not, as some would like to pretend, a Western issue,” she told reporters after the vote. “We had countries all over the world supporting this resolution today, and we have countries throughout the region who’ve been very clear that the brutality of the Assad regime has to end and that the behavior of the regime is absolutely intolerable. ”

Bashar Jaafari, the Syrian envoy, hailed the failure of the resolution, saying Western powers were using humanitarian issues as a pretext to try to weaken Syria and allow Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

Negotiations over some sort of message to Syria had stalled for months in the face of opposition from Russia and the others, but the mounting toll in the violence over antigovernment protests finally prompted a revived effort. Until now, the Council had issued only two weaker statements condemning the violence, which erupted seven months ago.

4-10-2011, 18:37 - Former Yukos Lawyer Dies


Former Yukos Lawyer Dies

MOSCOW — Vasily G. Aleksanyan, 38, a Yukos executive and lawyer who was swept up in the politically tinged prosecution of the Yukos oil empire, died at his home in Moscow on Monday after a long illness, Russian news outlets reported.

3-10-2011, 10:43 - The Past and Future Putin


Forty years ago The Who recorded “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” with the memorable lines “Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss.” The song came to mind with the events in Russia last weekend.

Despite years of indications that Vladimir Putin would return as Russia’s president in 2012 after a four-year interregnum as prime minister, many commentators and public officials in Russia and the United States got “fooled again.” They had been hoping that Dmitri Medvedev would stay on as president. Medvedev, they believed, was a more liberal and open-minded figure than Putin, whose initial eight years as Russian president from 2000 to 2008 brought Russia back to a much more authoritarian system. The Russian blogosphere featured endless petitions calling on Medvedev to run 


MOSCOW — “Time to shove off” is the name of a Web site for people who are fed up with life in Russia, and it is becoming a catchphrase for those dismayed by the newly announced plans of Vladimir V. Putin to keep a grip on power for perhaps two more terms as president.

“A year ago I told all my friends who were leaving that I would never do that, no way!” wrote a magazine editor named Yevgeniya Lobacheva in a posting on another Web site. “But I have only one life. Twelve years! I will be 43!”


MOSCOW — First he’s the bare-chested outdoorsman galloping on his powerful steed across Siberia, then the telescoped-rifle-toting hunter felling wild animals, next the airplane-flying firefighter dousing burning forests, the leather-jacketed biker dominating the pack.


SANAA, Yemen -- In a significant new blow to al-Qaida, U.S. airstrikes in Yemen on Friday killed Anwar al-Awlaki, an American militant cleric who became a prominent figure in the terror network's most dangerous branch, using his fluent English and Internet savvy to draw recruits for attacks in the United States.



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В России ездит  менее четырех  тысяч  электромобилейИ так в сравнении обычных автомобилей и экологически чистых машин очень мало, всего одна сотая процента. от общего числа поставленных на учет в стране легковушек. Эксперты «АВТОСТАТА» выяснили, что в нашей стране с электромобилями дела обстоят не очень удачно.
Model Y: Tesla unveils new electric crossover SUV Company is banking on the new model to revive excitement about the brand as traditional carmakers expand their electric vehicle offerings
Tesla unveiled a new electric crossover SUV, the Model Y, during an event at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne on Thursday evening.
Volkswagen проходит свое электрическое обновление до следующего GolfVolkswagen отложил презентацию нового Golf на следующий год. Способ также сделать удостоверение личности, его компактное будущее на 100% электрическим, большой звездой его стенда на следующей выставке во Франкфурте.
Конфуз для парижан, которые этим утром поехали на своей машине на работу, они оказались в огромной пробке
418 км пробок, которые были зафиксированы этим утром в четверг в Иль-де-Франсе из-за дорог, скользких от дождя, что привело к различным инцидентам и авариям в различных частях парижского региона. Особенно на A3, но и на N104. Новое черное утро для тысяч парижан, которые встречаются каждый день недели, запертые в пробках В Париже  все встали в огромной  пробке в 400 километров
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Известная модель Синди Кроуфорд в свои 46 лет снялась в купальнике для обложки декабрьского номера журнала Shape. Следует отдать ей должное, ведь на фотографиях она выглядит отлично и находится сейчас в превосходной форме. В интервью она немного поделилась своими простыми но эффективными секретами, которые помогают ей сохранять красоту.
Всякая женщина, которая ухаживает за собой, желает иметь шикарные,
ухоженные ресницы. Безусловно, повезло тем девочкам, которые от природы имеют длинные и густые ресницы. Другие же, наоборот, страдают от тонких ресниц. Через это их приходиться наращивать, и постоянно следить за ними.
Основные направления свадебной  моды 2013 годаДень собственной свадьбы – самый долгожданный и очень важный момент в жизни каждой девушки. Подготовка к торжественному мероприятию длится неделями, а иногда и месяцами. Для того чтобы действительно быть на высоте в этот знаменательный день, очень важно выбрать не просто красивый, но в тоже время модный и стильный наряд, который будет идеально подходить образу невесты и подчеркивать все ее достоинства.
Стильные перстни 2013 года]Издавна перстень считался отличительным знаком сильных мира сего, символом роскоши и благосостояния. Это не просто красивое и дорогое украшение – это показатель статуса своего владельца. Проходят столетья, а этот замечательный аксессуар не теряет своей значимости и ценности. Этот обзор познакомит вас с самыми стильными перстнями наступившего сезона.
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Небольшой анализ Биткоина и Биткоин Кэш Техническая ситуация по Биткоину не очень динамичная, на прошлой неделе в небольшом плюсе 1,73%.
Следует отметить, что волны все еще в области большой свечи с длинной верхней тенью, что указывает на нерешительность игроков относительно того, как правильно оценить этот актив.
Марк Фабер  купил монету Биткойн в первый раз
Марк Фабер, крупный аналитик финансового рынка и все еще криптоскептик, сообщил, что купил свой первый биткойн.
 В интервью немецкому изданию Cash, Марк Фабер, 73-летний швейцарский инвестор, сказал, что сделал первые шаги в криптовалюте, купив биткойн.
Тесла представил новый электрический кроссовер, модель YТесла представил новый электрический кроссовер, модель Y, во время мероприятия в студии дизайна компании в Хоторне в четверг вечером.

Главный исполнительный директор Элон Маск заявил, что компактный внедорожник впервые будет представлен в дальнем варианте с дальностью в 300 миль по цене около 47 000 долларов.
Видео камеры с разрешением до 192 мегапикселей, уже  реальность.Одни из самых мощных телефонных камер, которые вы можете получить сегодня, снимают снимки с разрешением 48MP, но производитель чипсетов для многих смартфонов компания Qualcomm , считает, что вы скоро сможете делать снимки с четырехкратным разрешением.
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Наверное, каждый из нас хотел оказаться в прошлом. На мой взгляд, это захватывающее приключение. Посмотреть как устроен быт, выглядят дома, заглянуть в таверну……. И оказывается сейчас есть такая возможность. В Солнечногорском районе московской области находится «город прошлого», по которому можно погулять, посмотреть на эшафот, заглянуть в таверну. По одной из версий появления этого «городка», результат работы декораторов, которые воспроизвели его для съемок исторического фильма. Фильм сняли, а декорации остались и теперь мы имеем уникальную возможность окунуться в прошлое…. И пожалуй, положительные впечатления гарантированы всем…..
город "Прошлого"
город "Прошлого"
город "Прошлого"
город "Прошлого"
город "Прошлого"
город "Прошлого"

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